Brief : to create designs for the ceramic travel mugs, The designs would be seasonally rotated every few months. It would also come with a rubber cosy to get better grip and prevent the user from burning their hands. 
This Story is inspired by the coffee journey. And all the places in the world that produce and are famous for their coffee. Some of these countries Coffee day also sources their international and more premium blends from. The place and their famous coffee roast have been showcased on the mug. This mug is for the coffee lover and can travel with them wherever they may go.
This design is created for the person on the go. Coffee or tea is pure joy, that refreshing jolt you need just to get things done is only a sip away. This cup talks about that story. If you are traveling, doing your daily chores, going to the gym etc this cup and your choice of caffeine can now go with you. 
This one is currently available in Coffee day outlets across India in 2019 - 2020

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