The Coffee Dream : This illustration was inspired by the coffee world and everyone that plays a role in it. From the hard working farmers at Chikmagalur, to the talented baristas who make the coffee and finally to the diverse people who enjoy our coffee. The coffee journey is colourful, diverse, filled with people, animals, forests, cities and I wanted to capture that with this illustration for our cafe walls. 
Some images of Cafe Coffee day outlets where the illustrations were used . 
The Coffee Cards: This is an extension of the series where I chose to focus on 6 characters of the coffee world and create fun illustrations that showcase their importance in the coffee journey. The characters chosen were coffee pickers, our baristas and coffee drinkers. Each card is unique and intricate with a diversity of adaptations.
Sketches : I love  sketching by hand and is still an integral part of my design process. 
Credit & gratitude to Edwin , Prabhu for creating adapts of the illustrations for cafe coffee day outlets and Kadambari Misra as my creative director. This project was a dream come true for me. Was very happy to have worked on it ! 

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