Brief : To create designs for " cool Mug " - to appeal to the younger demographic 
Music is and always has been and will continue to be something not only cool but a thing we all love and can relate to. The cool thing about music that each person can use it in their own way. From sharing music, to creating the perfect play-list, to finding your jam music is and will always be the coolest thing.
With Netflix, amazon prime , hotstar and TV show craze rising the new thing to do just chill and watch shows. People of every age from kids, to working individuals to even grandparents are onto the watching trend. This is the new cool thing to do no matter what your age.
The people showcased here are the epitome of cool because they not only helped define cool but also were not afraid to be themselves. Being who you are is the coolest thing to do embrace your uniqueness and the world will to.

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