The Brief  
To create a dynamic visual identity and build a brand for an Indian Bestselling Author. With 5 bestselling books, a mentorship programme and explorer of different writing styles, genres and a keen interest for science and story telling. 
The Story behind the visual identity
The visual identity route explores all aspects of what makes up Nikhil Kumar. Handwriting is something that gives an insight about a persons personality, qualities and can tell a lot about the person. Keeping that in mind we wanted to really encompass you through the way you write which also com full circle with what you do. The play with positive and negative space , leaving no room from grey areas. 
Merchandise / give aways for live events and autor meet and greets / mentorship programmes and other occasions to have a lasting impact on people. 
Stall Design for Live events and face to face interactions at expos, soul sante etc. 
Creative Direction : Abhishek Bakshi, Priyasha Murarka
Jr. Graphic Designer : Sanjana Mondal 
Mock Up Creation : Diya Parmar 
Illustration Style : Akash Nandi 

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