Some Explorations for the packaging
The final and selected route available in Cafe coffee day outlets nation wide
The concept is to incorporate the ingredients used in making the Soya chips in a fun, modern way but still mentaining the Indian Touch that is very present in Funza.
We have taken inspiration from traditional Indian motifs, madhubani and other elements and have created a fun and attractive design that would definitely stand out. 
The Insight here was that someone who is health conscious and active likes to know whst they are putting into their body. Showing the ingredients gives them more faith that we as a brsnd are also aware of what weare using to create the best food products for them.
As the common phobia is that snacky food / chips like lays is full of fats and chemicals. Thus displaying the elements and celebrating them creates more trust in the mind of the consumer.The designs are attractive to people of all ages and have a fresh and fun look and would definitely be something people would want to pick up.

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